About Us--Original Idea and site start by John & Sheila Ewing

Affordable Womens Clothing, Pretty Clothing for Pretty Women.

While the original store idea was conceived by John & Sheila Ewing, Sheila unfortunately passed away from Cancer in December 2017 before the store was finished and up and running. In memory of her idea the store it kept running by her husband of 30+ years John Ewing. Your support will help us keep this store open and running. 

Thanks for your supportl.

John & Sheila Ewing 

A word on cancer - if you get it let it take you or seek a holistic cure for it. The therapy is what killed Sheila not the cancer. The tumor was gone when she died, but the treatment beat her up very badly and she got tired of fighting it and gave up in the end. She will be remembered as long as those who knew her are still alive. She was a wonderful lady and one people who knew her never forgot. Her light still shines in my heart..... John Ewing